Monday, May 28, 2007

Does Your Child Have Art You'd Like to Submit to the Underdog For Kids?

Does your child have some art you'd like displayed? Please e-mail to with a photo of the art. I nclude your child's age, school and location where you live and a way to contact you for postings.


Introducing Artist Maya Pavic:

Hello my name is Maya Pavic I am 13 years old I attend Dana Middle School and I am in seventh grade and I love to draw and I love looking at art. This drawing that is drawn by me is a wolf, I made this character up in my head. So basically I was just bored and I was thinking of what to draw for Diana's blog. I hope everyone likes this drawing of mine. I think I am a very good drawer and I love to draw no matter what I and feeling like. Well enjoy this drawing everyone.

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