Saturday, May 21, 2011

Paige Marquez, who died of cancer at age four, is still honored at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life every year.
Two Los Angeles Unified school teachers, Cathy Skubic, left, and Tami Marino, walk for life at the American Cancer Society relay in San Pedro.
Every year, these gals, starting with Kim Blanks on the left, Vicki in the middle and Sylvia Lares-Ramirez on the right, raise thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society.
2011 American Cancer Society Relay for Life: Another Success at San Pedro High School

San Pedro High Outreach for Life Team poses, with President Yesenia Hernandez, a survivor wearing purple, in the middle.

Hundreds turned out once again for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in San Pedro. Friends supported friends. Families supported families. Their were tears, laughter, hugs and love spilling amongst the participants. A special thank you to Diana Chavez-Feipel who donated $300 to the Outreach for Life Team made up of San Pedro High Students. Not all the students had enough money to make the team, so Diana pitched in so all the students could participate. This year's relay has so far made $170,000 and counting! -- Diana

Student on the left in front said she came to remember her uncle, with several of her friends.

Families and friends make hundreds of luminaries honoring those they lost and those who have survived cancer.
On her own, Lauryn Maes raised more than $10,000 to research blood cancers because so many young friends either died or had cancer. Later, she learned her mother had kidney cancer.
The Marquez family comes to honor the family member they lost, Paige, who died at the age of four pictured above.