Monday, December 20, 2010


Dear Readers:
My overly creative writing students, who make me happy every Wednesday with their tales, put together some story shorts about the holidays. Until Christmas, I will be running some of their stories. Enjoy ringing bells, drinking  nog and waiting for the chubby, bearded guy to come down your chimney.  Merry Christmas. Diana

Marina works hard during class and consistently churns out stories.
The Real Santa
By Marina DuVernet, 9
The real Santa doesn’t drive a sleigh, with reindeer or dress in red. I know the true  Santa. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen him! If you believe he has elves, reindeer, and all that other mumbo jumbo, you must be joking.
Gee what do they teach you in school these days?
You know what? The real Santa  drivers a motorboat that flies. He has no reindeer or elves. He has a magic wand. And he really wears green and orange.
But I better not tell you more, because you know kids these days. They gossip about this, and gossip about that! Man, all this is giving me a headache. I’m going to sleep!
Goodnight! Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t cry. Fine. Santa is just the way he is! Red suit, sleigh everything! Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah Blah.
Merry Christmas.
Sean has garnered his own writing voice after taking several sessions and always has a bit of humor.
Santa Claws
By Sean Rosenfeld, 8
Once upon a time, there was a weird guy named Santa Claws and he worked in the North Pole. I mean really. He even worked with these little people that are called elves and they make toys for children.
I personally think that this Santa Claws isn’t real. But people have been telling me his story for years.
Christmas Day
Oh, it’s Christmas day and three hours later, I suddenly hear “a-a-a-boo—boo-boom-boom-creek” on the rooftop and “Shh, reindeer,” and then a shout: “It’s me, Santa. The one you don’t believe in.”
“You’re real?” I said looking up at rooftop.  There was Santa. I fainted. When I woke up, I saw a note. It said: “By the way, you can spell my name, Clause, not claws. Now, maybe you’ll believe that I am real.”