Sunday, July 10, 2011

Peacock Feathers Galore; If You Want One, Just Email

Our backyard, as I've told many readers before, resides as a fabulous roosting spot for peafowl galore, especially in our thick-branched Monterey Pine.

Our feathery friends come in droves at night to sleep, bringing along it seems, cousins, aunts, uncles and chicks. We also mistakenly offered a variety of food in an array of stunning burgundy, white and purple impatiens -- until I realized the birds' enchantment with this peacock delicacy. Every time I planted impatiens, the birds uprooted and ate them.

Recently, our happy-every-single-day-of-my life, dog Baxter, recently trotted out into the yard, bringing in one peacock feather after another to chew on. A quick investigation found about a dozen feathers strewn across the dense grass! I can't seem to throw the plumes away so I have clusters all over the house, sitting in vase after vase, plumes of teal and emerald colors perched on the kitchen counter top and all sorts of corners in the house.

So readers, if you are interested in inheriting a few plumes, just email if you are local and from my feather to yours -- you shall have them. Email: