Monday, December 05, 2011

Seven Golden Secrets writing student Cate Lynn Ashford writes her expressions about music.

Announcing a New Winter Session for the Seven Golden Secrets to Writing Workshop
And One of Its Students Writes “Music Tells Such Wonderful Stories”
     A winter session for the Seven Golden Secrets to Writing begins this Wednesday at the Corner Store in San Pedro.
   Students learn how to enjoy writing while improving at the craft. Longtime writer Diana Chapman teaches the workshop.
   The new session begins Dec. 7 and will run each Wednesday (minus holidays) for six weeks. Six week sessions cost $60 or students can pay $10 per class. Students range in age from six to 14. Please email Diana at for more information or show up for the class. The Corner store is located at 1118 W. 37th Street.
Take A Peek At This Amazing Piece; Seven Golden Secrets to Writing Student Tells About Her Passion for Music She Gained While in Band at Dana Middle School
Dear Readers: 

Sometimes you don’t have to say much about a piece. You just have to let readers take the plunge to read a work created during the Seven Golden Secrets to Writing Class. This student’s passion is worth it. Diana
My Expressive Passion
By Cate Lynn Ashford, 13
   Music can tell such wonderful stories. It can be the peppy up tempo or marches or an engaging piece that throws you straight into the middle of a story. All the sounds – the deep rumbling of the bass of the tuba and euphoniums, the reedy sounds of the saxophones, the screech or purr of trumpets depending on the type of piece it is. Also, one of my favorite instruments, is the flute. It’s beautiful lyrical sound pulling the strings of your heart and adding a beautiful shining top to the rest of the arrangement of instruments.
   I’ve played in my (Dana) middle school’s band for two years and I have loved it. Tons of songs have engaged me, and I have felt really proud of my part in adding sound to the band. One piece that I have especially loved is Seagate Overture. It’s beautiful and takes you on an adventure through the sea and has a pretty peppy start, then turns slower and more emotional in the middle.
   A reason music can give such wonderful thrills to people is because of the different nuances of sounds and tempos. Long, lingering and connected notes can give a sense of beauty, and loud staccato holes can give a different feeling.
   I can lose myself in a piece of music whether it be an invasive march full of loud powerful brass sounds tipped with high flute and piccolo notes or a concert piece with a careful blend of rhythms, and notes and trills.
   I paint pictures in my head when I hear music, sometimes only dashes of color with light slashes of silver making a scene of instruments and a conductor, and other times, the music makes a colorful movie in my head of moving, running, leaping colors shaping into animals or people or things with no name for them.
   Music is all about these things, expressions. Emotions. Stories. They leave lasting effects on people and can change their mood. When I’m feeling frustrated or sad, and I pick up my flute and start playing a piece of music, my mood evaporates as I focus solely on making that sound come alive in a flurry of moving fingers and high notes.
I’d like to share a few of my musical stories by putting them onto paper in written stories.