Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Readers:
 In the Seven Golden Secrets to Writing Class at the Corner Store, students from ages six to 15 are allowed to percolate their creativity and let it flow out into stories. The class goal is to allow children a chance to become comfortable with writing and to enjoy it! Diana
Jello's Lesson
By Sophia Perez, 10

One typical ocean day, "Jello" the jellyfish was gliding through the crystal-clear waters. Everyone called her Jello, but her real name was Jellica. She even took the name Jello as an insult!!!  But she was too nervous to tell them that, because she didn't want to hurt their feelings.
The next day, at boating school, Sandy the Sea-slug, Ursula the Octopus, and Anne the Anemone passed by Jellica and said "Hi, Jello!"
     "What kind of insult was that?!!" Jellica burst out.
Anne, the smallest of all, stepped forward and spoke up in her squeaky voice, "We didn't know you took that as an insult; why didn't you just tell us?"

         "I didn't want to hurt your feelings," said Jellica.
"You wouldn't hurt us," said Ursula.
        "Then why do you call me Jello?" she asked.
        "Because you're a jellyfish," said Sandy.
                    "And because Jello is delicious," said Ursula.
                  "Oh yeah," said Jellica. "Then prove it," she said
                  "OK I will," said Ursula.

              Ursula stuck a slimy tentacle out of the water and frightened a human eating Jello on a rock along the shore.  The human dropped it, and Ursula scooped up a small blob of it and gave it to Jellica to eat.
                  "It's delicious!!!" shouted Jellica.

                 "I told you!" said Ursula.

                  They called Jellica Jello, forever after. And she didn’t even mind. In fact, she  smiled when they called her that.