Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Shorts & Sweets

Welcome to the Neighborhood Elvis (the dad) and little Godscilla, the daughter, to San Pedro!

Elvis, an American bull dog, rescued from Watts by her new owner, Lisa Marie, allowed the dog to have one baby, but doesn’t want him to have any more – despite the rarity of the breed, she said.

Fearing that he would be used as a fighting dog, Lisa Marie said she was given a tip to rescue him and eventually the owners agreed to give him to her. Due to her rescue background, she prefers Elvis not sire any more babies, but she couldn't resist allowing him to have one baby girl, 12-week-old Godscilla.
“These dogs are total athletes,” the owner said. “They were used during World War II to protect soldiers and their property.”
The trio just moved here from Hermosa Beach, where it was too crowded, Lisa Marie said.
They’ve been walking daily – so keep your dog senses keen so you can spot the charming duo.

$10 Can Save a Kid’s Life
By Stephanie London

Hi. I’m from the Boys and Girls Club of the Los Angeles Harbor, San Pedro Unit, and I’m in a leadership group called the Keystone Executives. We are trying to fundraise for “Malaria No More.” This is a fundraiser in which we raise money for the children and families in Africa who are dying from malaria. We are asking if you can donate $10 to this cause. Your $10 can save a child’s life. The $10 goes to purchasing a net to keep the mosquitoes out of the kid’s beds when they are sleeping and it also goes toward medical supplies and vaccines. So if you can donate $10, or whatever you can, we would really appreciate it. If you would like to pay by check, you can make the checks payable to the Boys and Girls Club of the Los Angeles Harbor.
Or if you would like to drop off your donation personally, we are located at 1200 S. Cabrillo Avenue, San Pedro. For more information, call (310) 833-1322. Sincerely, the Key Stone Executives Team.
In the photo from left to right are three members of the Key Stone Executives Team: Stephanie, London, 14, Alberto Palmas, 16, Jessica Haley-Clark, 16.