Friday, October 29, 2010


Dear Readers: Another great piece of spookiness from the Seven Golden Secrets to Writing Workshop for young students done at the Corner Store. Merry Haunts! Diana

The Green Zombie
By Shersten Rosenfeld, 10
Once on Oct. 31st, I was trick-or-treating with my friends Kealan, Lina and my brother, Sean. When we reached 37th Street, I saw something suspicious.
I saw a zombie’s shadow dancing in the moonlight.  I Iooked back and saw a zombie  with green, wrinkled skin and yellowing beaming eyes.
“Ah,” I screamed.
My friends looked back and saw it too. We ran until we reached Ghoul Road!
“That was creepy,” I said, gulping air.
“I see him!” shouted my brother.
“Stop joking Sean,” I laughed. “We ran like three miles. He couldn’t catch up.”
“Oh no, he’s right,” said Kealan.
“Ahh,” screamed Lina.
I looked back and saw the zombie was trying to snatch  Lina.
“Lina,” I screamed, running as fast as I could to help her.
“Hey Zombie, want some brains,” I said. The zombie turned back.
“Brains,” it murmured.
“Come on, we’ve got three of them here,” I said.
“Brains,” it murmured again.
It lunged toward me with Lina. It tried to get me, but I grabbed Lina and we ran.
We ran and ran until we reached my house. The zombie caught up to us.
“Ahhh,” we all screamed.
“Ha! Ha!” The zombie took off his mask. “It’s only me.
“Dad,” I said.
We all started laughing. It was fun Halloween night after all.