Monday, October 25, 2010


Dear Readers: Over the past few weeks, students in the Seven Golden Secrets to Writing Workshop at the Corner Store have written some spooky tales. This blends quite well with Halloween, so I plan to run several for the remainder of the week. Happy Spoooooooks to you! Diana


By Sean Rosenfeld, 8

Once upon a time, I watched a movie called the Crawling Eye. On the front of the movie, it said: “True Story.”

I did not fall for that. Do you know how fake that is?

So one Halloween night, we were trick-or-treating on a rocky mountain and there was a gondola that took you to the top of the mountain. We dared my friend to go up, so he did. There was a fog at the top of the mountain. In the movie, wherever the fog was, the crawling eye was. That was when we got scared. 

So anyway, you know how I dared my friend to go up to the mountain? Well, he did not come down. In the movie, the crawling eye rips their heads off. When my one friend didn’t come down, the other friend decided to go up.

But he didn’t come down either. Then, I went up. I was going up, up, up. I tiptoed off. On my second step, I saw the time and it was 12 o’clock. It was dark and cold and I could see clouds.

I jumped when I heard this crawling-like sound. I started crying. I saw this shadow and I saw frozen people. They were my friends. I did not know where their heads were. Then, I saw them on the ground with their eyes wide open and their mouths filled with blood.
Then it grabbed me. My eyes went dark.

Everything went black.