Saturday, August 30, 2008

Diego (top photo) says he's devastated to go back to school. Isabela (above) is excited and scared. The two are twins. Photos were not yet available for the other two writers.
Four Kids Write About Going Back to School This Fall;


Thoughts Attending Middle School for the First time
By Isabela Van Antwerp, 11
I'm going into my first year of middle school. I'm thrilled but still frightened I won't like it because:
1) you have to wake up early
2) I have five more classes than elementary
3) I can't do dance because if I do I would have to give up one of my honors classes, so now I'm in drama.

But the good side to this is I know a lot of people. The people from my old school and a lot of people from my soccer team are going to Dana. Someone I know had a party and invited a few she knew that are going there.
In my new school, every hour we have to walk from class to class. I recently went to summer school and they gave us a tour. So now I know where to go. I'm still scared to death but anxious at the same time.
Going back to school
By Diego Van Antwerp, 11,

School will be coming soon.
I am devastated. Now, I have to see, and not to mention, smell chalk and it's dust. Chalk screeches loudly against the board. Also, when I have to do a math problem, I have to touch that awful dusty chalk. Yuck! Chalk really bugs me. But on the bright side, you can say "hi" to all of your good friends. But on the not so bright side, some of the teachers always use the: "TEACHER SCREAM," not angry, but more of an impatient yell. It creeps me out. And some times the food there is yucky, but you have to eat there or else you will be so hungry you feel like almost puking.
By Angel Chavez, 11

School oh no! Please don’t let me go.

I wish I didn’t have to go to school. The reason I don’t like school is because of the learning. My head will burst from all the work. I feel a headache coming on already. The only reason I want to go to school is because I can’t wait to meet new friends. If you don’t have friends at your new school, you will feel left out. It will be so sad not to talk to anyone and walk all alone on such a big campus. I hope this year will be a good year because I am full of friends!

I Am Ready to Go Back to School

By Sarena Chavez, 8,

I am really glad to go back to school because I will be able to learn new things. I enjoy reading and doing math problems. My goal in school is to get good grades so I can graduate like my big sister and receive lots of awards. I want to be President of our school and be leader. I am only 8 but I will do my best. I can’t wait to start school again. Here I come 3rd grade.