Saturday, December 25, 2010

Veronica Gray has attended several sessions of the Seven Golden Secrets to Writing Workshop and has improved her story telling dramatically.

Dear Readers: I ran out of time to put all these Ho-Ho-Ho stories up. So this is the last one for the year – at least until next year. I truly believe every child can write – and many of the students that come to the Seven Golden Secrets of Writing classes every Wednesday at the Corner Store – prove it. Here, a 12-year-old writes about a Christmas party.
Enjoy and Merry 2011!
The Christmas Party
By Veronica Gray, 12
 The girl woke up from the party.
 “Presents!” she said to herself. She got out of her bed and ran down the stairs. The table was littered with empty champagne and wine bottles. The smell of alcohol lingered in the room. Her cousin, Daniel, was asleep on the couch.  She crept to the Christmas tree and saw – pause -- no presents.
“Oh, my Gosh, I hope they didn’t forget to send my letter to Santa,” she thought. She sat by the Christmas tree feeling sorry for herself. She walked to the kitchen and served herself fresh egg nog. She sat by the fire next to the tree. “Christmas is ruined all because of that dumb party,” she decided. Her parents must have been too distracted to let Santa know what was on her list.
She searched the Christmas tree again and then she saw a piece of paper.
“Look under Daniel,” the piece of paper said, as she read it out loud. That’s puzzling.
She jumped when Daniel shifted positions and started to snore. She crawled over to him and slowly looked around. She found a gold paper and started to rip it off the couch. When she succeeded, it said: “Do not remove tag from couch.”
She got scared and stuffed it back into the couch. She saw another piece of paper, this time in Daniel’s pocket. She cautiously removed it and read: “In the place, shoes sleep….”
She ran upstairs and looked under her bed.
“Nope,” she sighed. She sat on her bed thinking.
Gasp! “The mud room,” she yelped. She quietly ran to the mud room and looked everywhere. No paper.
 “Gosh, where can it be,” she wondered.
 “The shoe closet!” She knew that a clue was in there. She looked inside the closet – and there stood a tall present. “OMG!” she spied a paper.
 Written on the paper were these words: “A place where spiders live…” she read.
“The attic!” She ran up the stairs and saw Santa’s Chair with Santa and huge pile of presents wrapped in different colors.
Her mom and dad were standing there next to the presents with a video camera.
“Merry Christmas,” her dad said.
And it truly was.