Friday, April 04, 2014

Local Athlete's Team Wins National Basketball Championship

Myles Smith enjoys winning the championship.
Local College Athlete's Team Wins A National Basketball Championship

Myles Smith, of  San Pedro, and his Vanguard University basketball team won
the Men's National Basketball Championship for The NAIA ( National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) Division 1. There were 32 teams invited from all over the states to meet in Kansas for one week of the March Madness Tournament This was Vanguard University first time in history of  the school (established in 1920) that they won The Men's Division Championship. Vanguard also won the League Championship as well!

--Submitted by Derrick Smith,
Myles' father


Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Spider In Me

The Spider In Me

By Kelsea Carter, 11, 6th grade
Leland Elementary School
  I think spiders are taking over my life. For the past two weeks, everywhere I go I find at least one spider. I woke up from school and found a spider on the wall. As I ate breakfast a spider darted across the floor. On the bus a spider crawled onto my seat.
  “I must be losing my marbles! " I thought aloud. During lunchtime my friend asked me about a riddle from the Harry Potter series, but I ignored him.
   After school he asked me again. Then he read this from a J.K. Rowling book:
   “First think of a person that lives in disguise who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies. Next tell me what’s always the last thing to mend the middle of the middle and end-to-end. Finally tell me the sound often heard during the hard to find word. Now string them together and answer me this. What creature would you be unwilling to kiss?”
   All of a sudden, I heard a blood-curling scream, and realize that it was my own. My friend had turned into a nine-foot tall spider. I ran in horror as I heard “ AFTER HER!!!” Every single spider in the world started running at me. I ran three miles and fell of exhaustion as three billion spiders crawled on top of me.
   He asked me the riddle again. "Spider’’ I croaked and they swallowed me whole.
   I  awoke with a weird sensation. It felt like I was lying on a dozen of cacti. I slowly got up but I can’t see a thing. My vision blurs as a horrible stench comes in the room and I pass out.
   "Wake up my bride” I heard and realize it was the spider king. I woke again, with horror. I thought I had died! I screamed a blood-piercing scream and a piece of tape went over my mouth.
   The next thing I knew I am being hooked up to a machine to keep me from coming back to my senses. A servant comes and rolls me down the aisle and I heard wedding music. I had enough strength to unhook the machine, rip off the piece of tape, and my senses came back.
 “NO” I scream and run toward the exit. The spider king chased after me. As I tripped on my heels, he picked me up and bends down and bites my neck. He drops me to the floor as I started to change.
   I sprouted 8 long legs and 8 eyes. I become hairy and now I am a nine-foot spider. I looked back at the king and I fell in love. The wedding went on and I remained a 13-year-old girl stuck in a spider’s body.