Monday, November 03, 2008

Los Angeles Councilwoman's Staff Statement Regarding Proposition A and How the Harbor Area May Get Funds With the Anti-Gang Parcel Tax -- Here's the Last Snippet of Thought Right Before the Election! See you at the Polls...

Dear Readers:

In an earlier blog, I asked the Los Angeles Councilwoman Janice Hahn's Office to respond to the idea that Prop A money, which will be used for anti-gang programs and charge $36 a year per parcel in the city of Los Angeles will definitively be used in the Harbor area as well. If approved, the measure would raise about $30 million to fight gang problems.

Unfortunately for us, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's ambitious plan to curb gang violence only includes seven regions -- and cuts funding from Wilmington, San Pedro, Harbor City and the Harbor Gateway. The numbers of violent acts are apparently not high enough here to be considered a gang reduction zone, despite several killings and shootings in the past few years.

For the past year, Janice has campaigned hard to bring in funds via a parcel tax to be applied to anti-gang programs, such as after school programming, to keep kids out of gangs. However, since all the funding has been transferred under the mayor's direction, it is unclear whether any of the money will come to the Harbor Area.

Here is the response from Courtney Chesla Torres, the councilwoman's chief-of-staff:

"While it is true that the measure does not spell out exactly where funding will go, we are confident that Pedro and the Harbor will get funding through this measure and that unless this measure passes, it will probably be the only way in the near future for us to see the funding that we need," the chief-of- staff wrote via email. ..."that's why Howard Uller of Toberman, Mike Lansing andMike Herrera of the Harbor City Boys and Girls Clubs and the Gang Alternatives Program is all supportive--because they see it as the only chance to get the funding they both need and deserve.

"Also--the mayor does not have full control...there is a nine person citizen's advisory committee that will forward recommendations and the allocations will still come to the city council for approval. "

Now, let's go vote!