Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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When I met Bill Schopp, it seemed he was yet another unwritten, unsung hero in our community. In this case, he wants to help kids -- rich, poor or otherwise -- to learn to sail and has garnered scholarships for this very purpose. As our kids live and breath around the port of Los Angeles, it seems fitting that we should help our children take advantage of tremendous opportunities such as the one Bill provides. Here's his story -- Diana


By Bill Schopp, president of Cabrillo Beach Youth Sailing Club Foundation

When I was growing up, I was looking for “my sport.” I assumed that everyone has a natural ability towards a particular sport. By the time I was 14, I had sadly crossed most sports off my list as it was clear they weren’t for me. Then, I discovered racing sailboats.

There was a bunch of kids crewing on 40-foot sailboats racing against each other on weekends and sailing around on smaller boats when the big boats were not racing. There were a couple dads who would give us coaching tips at Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club. Most of the kids were family members but since my dad fished -- and didn’t sail -- he was not a member.

Yacht club members there encouraged me to join as a junior member and made me feel like part of the family. Now as an adult, I still race sailboats and will the rest of my life. I had found “my sport,” and realized other kids needed this chance as well.

One day a few years ago, a few of us got together and decided to try to make sailing an opportunity available to more kids throughout the Harbor area – especially kids who weren’t going to make it in the usual suspects of sports – football, basketball and baseball. So we started the Cabrillo Beach Youth Sailing Club as a 501c3 non-profit foundation to support youth sailing. We then teamed up with the Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club.

CBYC already had a summer sailing program so it gave us the perfect opportunity to make sailing available to any kid. CBYC and its membership were completely supportive of the idea. While I was welcomed as a kid at the yacht club, officials there today are still happy to welcome kids who want to sail – kids from all walks of life. The club has allowed us to have many types of fundraisers and the membership is very supportive financially.

In these past few years, the program has grown into a year-round effort encompassing high school sailing in the spring and fall with San Pedro, Palos Verdes, Mary Star, home school kids, and the Port of Los Angeles High School, a charter school. There is also a middle school program for kids in the spring and fall for area kids. During the summer, there are four two-week sailing camps for kids ages 8 to 18.

The foundation’s role is to ensure there is available boats and full or partial scholarships for families with financial needs. It truly has allowed other kids the same opportunities to see if this could be “their sport,” – just as I had discovered when hanging about the docks as a child.

Sailboat racing requires both mental and physical agility. Not only do you have to outwit your opponents, you have to control your boat well enough to be in a position to pass them. There are many sizes and types of boats to match kid’s ages, size and abilities. Competitively, there are races at all levels. Racing is conducted locally, nationally, internationally, and in the Olympics. Some of ours kids have represented the United States in races held in Europe.

If you’re looking for a sport for your kids or want something for them to get involved in this summer, I highly recommend sailing. Youths of all ages can come in with their parents and request full or partial scholarships, depending on their circumstances.

You just never know what might capture a kid’s imagination and spark their passions; it could be just looking up at a billowing sail filled with a gusty wind that will make them soar.
To learn more about the club’s scholarships, drop by the Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club at 211 west 22nd street, San Pedro or call (310) 519-1694.

San Pedro High students, Amy Andrews and Chelsea Bonitz (above) andJasmine Rodriguez, Anthony Hernandez, and Arabella Salceda prepping for gourmet lunch in a professional kitchen at the Los Angeles Yacht Club


By San Pedro High School Culinary Teacher Sandy Wood

Six of my culinary students and I had a great day cooking at the Los Angeles Yacht Club – thanks to Chef Joel Orner (right photo).

Chef Orner and two of his young chefs were kind to open up the kitchen doors to six of my top students, all of whom after high school want to attend culinary school: Amy Andrews, Chelsea Bonitz, Jasmine Rodriguez, Arabella Salceda, Jennifer Sweet, and Anthony Hernandez. All of my students were thrilled to have the experience of working in a professional kitchen;

After a short introduction, the students got right into the business of the day -- making lunch for themselves and their teacher! While future pastry chefs Amy and Chelsea worked on whipping up the dessert for the da, the others got right to work making Carrot Ginger Soup, Potatoes au Gratin, Steamed Asparagus, and Beef Tenderloin.

Chef Orner gave the students cooking tips as well as some honest truth about working in the Food Service industry. He told the students that being a chef is a lot of long hours, weekend and holiday work, and many dirty pots and pans to clean. However, he loves his job and wouldn't want to do anything else.
He advised the students to do whatever they have the
passion for and they will be happy and successful. The students got
to ask questions of all three chefs and get an idea about culinary
school and work in the industry.

After the wonderful lunch, each student got to "torch" their own
dessert - a tremendous Chocolate Chip Creme Brulee. Then it was time
to clean the kitchen and do the dishes before going back to SPHS.

Chef Orner and his staff were generous and gracious. Every student
agreed that this was a fantastic experience.

What I liked best: my students got to cook for me!

WRAP UP ABOUT TOWN: On Father’s Day, Help a Father Help His Son With a Wine Tasting Fundraiser at Off the Vine; Join the Fun LAPD Foot Patrol to Earn Money for Kid’s Programs; and Land Your Child on Stage With a Summer Acting Club

The Family; Give a Gift to This Father on Father's Day by Bringing Dad to Off the Vine for a Fundraiser Wine Tasting (Christian Stehlik, above)

A father, who has virtually raised two children on his own and one who faces dire medical circumstances for his son, needs your help this Father’s Day.
Having his 15-year-old son coping with neuroblastoma, a cancer that started in his adrenal gland and spread thorughout his body, Pete Stehlik has found himself layered with bills and having to take off work to tend to his son, Christian.
Christian was diagnosed with the ailment about a year ago and has gone through several bouts of chemotherapy, radiation and other intensive treatments which included extensive stays at the hospital.
Due to the financial overload, friends of the family will host a fundraiser from 5 to 7 p.m. Sunday on Father’s Day. The tasting is open to any donor. To taste five wines and help this struggling family, a $20 donation is requested. All proceeds will go directly to the family.
Some snacks will be provided. Please attend to help this father in this life-threatening struggle.
Off the Vine is located at 600 S. Pacific Avenue, Suite 103. Off the Vine has offered the location as a venue for the fundraiser. Owners Michael Koth and Alison Shaw can be reached at 310-831-1551 or visit their website: http://www.offthevine.com/.

The Stage; Have Your Child Join Drama Camp and Perform in Disney’s High School Musical

The Relevant Stage Theatre Company partnered with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs launches an intensive summer workshop for children to learn acting, singing and dancing for youths from 6th through 12th grades – a program that will run all day long for about four weeks.

TRS Youthorizons begins June 30, and will be held from 9 a. m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday and conclude on July 27. The students will then showcase what they learned with roles in Disney's High School Musical for two performances at the Warner Grand Theatre.Classes will be held at both the theatre and the Croatian Cultural Center. Costs are $350 for over 140 hours of instruction; ten scholarships will be provided based on financial needs.

To enroll, visit http://www.therelevantstage.com/ or call (310)929-8129. To register in person, William's Book Store, 443 W. 6th Street, will provide an application and take deposits. Registration deadline is June 24.
2008/6/10 Diana Chapman <hartchap@cox.net>:

The Police; A Fun 5K Foot Race to Build LAPD Harbor Area Youth Programs

Get the kids up and ready for a fun Harbor 5K Foot Pursuit at Point Fermin Park on June 22.
Walk or run or do a combination of both and have the children face a challenge doing a 500 yard run. Then dash to the all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast that will be held at the event for $10.

All funds will go toward Harbor Area LAPD youth programs or other related activities. Same day registration begins at Point Fermin Park at 7 a.m. with pre-stretching from 7:30 to 7:45 a.m. The kid’s 500 yard dash begins at 7:45 a.m. By 8 a.m., the fun walk/run will begin.

Same day-registration costs $20 for the kid’s and $30 for 5k.

For further information or pre-registraction, contact (310) 522-2042.