Friday, October 25, 2013

A Student on Test Scores

Why the Test Scores Don't Work For This 13-year-old

By Cicely Arana, Dana Middle School Student, 7th grade

"I have fifty reasons why I hate it (the California Standardized Test). I hate it, but I'm only telling you five.  One, I hate how many questions we have. Two, the teachers and staff put pressure on you, making you stressed and making you do badly.  Three, it's not even fair how they determine if you are smart or not by your scores. If they didn't make such a big deal of it, we would do better. Four, I hate how right after the CST, we have more school and more quizzes and tests. Five, we have to come home to: 'How did the test go honey?' Then all you do, is fake a smile and nod."