Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dear Readers:
The spark of good writing can come from just letting children create and create and create. That’s what we do in the Seven Golden Secrets to Writing workshop at the Corner Store. Are the students grammar and spelling skills perfect? Not yet. But they sure learning much to do about writing!
Here is another bewitching story by an 11-year-old.
Ten Zombies and a Witch
By McKenna
The witch said to me: “I will kill you!”
But before we get to that, I will tell you about what happened before…Hold on. Let me flip through my book. Aah, here we are:
It was Halloween night and all through the house, not a thing stirred except for the HAUNTED HALLOWEEN HOUSE NEXT DOOR! It was a dark and rainy night and I was going to the Haunted House with my best friend Emma.
Well, I was dressed up as an evil witch with a jiggling  wart on my nose. Same with Emma. When we went to the gate of the spooky mansion, it creaked open. With one step, we fell what seemed like 20,000 feet. Well, may it was only several feet, but it was really scary.
We got up and brushed ourselves off.
“It was a trapdoor,” I whispered to Emma.
“Here’s a staircase,” said Emma.
We started to climb so we could get out and then suddenly there was a shriek and a cackle. There stood a witch and when she spotted me, she said: “I will kill you!”
With one snap of her fingers, a bowling bowl appeared.
We tried to run but ten zombies came toward us and then we died.
Don’t even ask how I am here to talk to you now.
That’s is a different story.