Wednesday, December 31, 2008

San Pedro High Students Write Their Tales About Writing, Soccer and Outer Space; The Writing Sky Has No Limits

Dear Readers: All these students were asked to write what came to mind in a period of 15 minutes. This is three samples, but there are many, many more. I was extremely pleased with the first piece from the student who said she had no writing talent. Oh, yes she does! And so -- probably -- do you. Happy New Year --Diana

***Where To Begin When It Comes to Writing***
By Claudia Ramirez, 11th grade

Where to begin…

I hate writing…to most people, it comes easy and it’s a way to vent and express yourself, but as for me, it’s much different. There are so many thoughts running through my head but as soon as I see that blank white paper, they all evaporate. I don’t know where.

They say that reading is the key to being a great writer. That’s where my problem begins. I really don’t like to read. I don’t see why or how people can be so passionate about reading, but I wish I could.

After a couple of paragraphs of writing, I get lost and end up not having anything to write about (like right now…)

***Writing About a Passion for Soccer***
By Raquel Barbas, 11th grade

It’s like waking up and something is waiting for me; like my life isn’t complete without it.

The dew on the grass I can’t wait to see

The painted lines orange, white, green, an aurora of colors as I look up from the field.
The freedom I feel as I run,

Power in my legs, my mind set on the net
The feeling of scoring that first goal; the wonderful sound of the crowd

I love the feeling of the sun.
I feel warm, cozy and inspired and it’s the end

Another game flew by as I did once with the ball
Another day is done; I lay in bed and wait for the morning. I love doing this again and again.

***Have You Ever Wondered About the Night Sky?***
By Luis Elliot, 11th grade

Have you ever looked at the night sky and wondered: What is out there?

Through the storms and thunder, all is darkness. That is all I can see – something that can’t be reached because it’s everywhere and anywhere.

This all ends time, when we look up at the sky and see. Have you ever wondered what’s out there? An epic battle raging in another world, a world we can’t see, but we believe in
This is something we can reach and find; it is something we just can’t see

That galaxy far away tries to do the same and reach out to what they can’t see. This is something that just can’t be -- unless we wonder.

Have you ever seen the sky and wondered what we really see? Could the light be a glimmer of hope or a beacon of safety; Could the light be a fire started by the battle to control all?

Have you ever wondered when you look up at the night sky?