Saturday, May 12, 2012

Apples Are Like Humans
Dear Readers:  Here's a fun piece by a San Pedro High student challenging us to look at apples in a different light. The piece came out of a Seven Golden Secrets to Writing Workshop. This class was stuffed with great writers.  Diana
By Jesse Estrada

   Apples. Green, red, juicy, fruity.
   Apples can be made into juice, sauce, pie and seasonings.  The possibilities are endless.
   They are so diverse -- just like humans
   Some can be good and some can be rotten.
   Apples also have seeds inside them to reproduce like sperm and ovaries. They grow from seeds and can be different sizes.  Also they grow from trees like humans grow from their parents.
   Apples stay on the tree until they are ready to be eaten. People grow until they are adults and are ready to die. Is it possible that we are apples to something bigger than us?