Monday, May 21, 2012

If My Brother Were A Duck

Luke Nunez writes: If My Brother Were A Duck.
Dear Readers:

I couldn't resist posting several more short tales students wrote during a Seven Golden Secrets to Writing workshop at Gulf Avenue Elementary School in Wilmington. Luke wrote this piece and more are to come from other students. Seven Secrets  aids children how to become comfortable and have fun using their writing skills.

"Quack Quack" to you all! 


If My Brother Were a Duck
By Luke Nunez

If  my brother were a duck  I would give him corn and bread.

And if he went to school with me, I would take him outside when he needs to go.
 I would tell him not to talk duck to the teacher because all the  teacher will hear is:

"Quack! Quack!"

When we go to the market,  I tell him not to talk to the butcher "or you'll end up as a Duck Burger."

And I tell him if he goes near a man with a knife, he might end up a naked pink or lose an orange leg like a pigeon at school.

I will be sad if he migrates, although that would be extraordinary.

If he doesn't want to leave, we'll cuddle and we'll be brothers forever. But I tell him if he stays he'll have to clean his own feathers, because I want to relax.

That was what I would do if  my brother a were a duck.