Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Dear Underdogforkids:

Having been a General Contractor, 4th-7th Grade & Continuation High School Teacher (10 years) and a Professor of Teacher Education (also for 10 years),I tend to see Charter Schools as similar to a home remodeling product of years ago.

The product was know as Tex-cote, it was sprayed on to the exterior of your home, (no matter what the house was made of), and was promoted as "Never Have To Paint Again!” It came with a twenty year (20) guarantee, however, within (usually) five (5) years it began to peel and fall off your home and home owners were soon to discover that the company who had done
the work were no longer in business and the guarantee they had been given was worthless.

This I'm afraid, will be the result with many of the Charter Schools,as new fixes to Education, Secretaries of Education, Superintendents and every political entity with their fingers in Education, are to become analogous to "The Emperors New Clothes.

Mike V. Bennett, transitioning From Being An Educational Artisan/Craftsman To An Architectural One, Once Again.

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