Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Celeste Hernandez tells her tale about a lucky penny.

Gulf Street Elementary Students Start Writing Up a Storm in Wilmington

Dear Readers:
I have been conducting writing workshops at Gulf Street Elementary School and am pleased to watch students blossom as they work.  Here are two of their stories. Diana

My Lucky Penny
By Celeste Hernandez, 9

    My lucky penny is so lucky that when I went to the store, I saw a $20 bill.
    I grabbed it and said: “I am so lucky! I love this lucky penny. The lucky penny gives me anything I want and there’s no one who can stop me!”
    But there is something that can stop me – a delicious candy that costs 1 cent. When I went to the store again, and saw that candy, I said to myself: “Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No.”
    This thing has got to get out of my head.
    Then I said: “No! No! No! No! And finally, No!”
     I left the store. 
     “I didn’t want to lose my lucky penny,” I said to myself.
     On my way home, I saw dark clouds and rain. I went inside my house all dripping wet.
    “Why are you wet?” my mom asked.
    “I am wet because this not-lucky-penny did this!” I yelled. 
     The next day, I got a candy for one cent. Now I got rid of a not-lucky-penny. 

Luke Nune, 9, explores the world of writing.

 Also I loved this from Luke Nune, 9, who wrote while listening to Native American Music:
I am in Hawaii wearing a flower necklace and riding a long neck (dinosaur). I’m in the forest getting into nature, touching flowers and trees and leaves. I imagine talking to animals, like deer. Now I feel like I’m in China looking at the Great Wall. A man plays the flute and I am dancing with little white birds.