Thursday, May 31, 2007

OK I'm Not in the Dog Business...., but I need a good home anyway. Check out my stats below and if you are interested look me up. You can find my San Pedro foster family by emailing at:

Katrina Puppy Brindle White Socks Female
Pit Bull Staffordshire 5mos (San Pedro Los Angeles) Female, Brindle with white socks, the only puppy from a Katrina litter whose new owners are unable to keep her due to a situation which evolved from within their family (unexpected domestic violence created by the stepfather). The human mother is living in a shelter, the teenager got pregnant, lost her job, and she is living with her boyfriend’s parents, who will not allow her to keep the dog. This puppy stuck by her family through thick & thin, but she does not deserve to be in a domestically violent situation after surviving Katrina! She is safe from harm, and I will keep her safe until finding the "right" home who will love her and keep her away from danger and harm. She loves to play, she is still a puppy, she's been living with a cat, and she was put in a boarding facility for a week before I could get her out and make her feel at home while searching for someone special to make her a part of their family. The kennel staff loved her and ranted/raved about what a great puppy she is. Right now she needs love because she fell in love with her family and was moreless desserted... Please inquire if you know of anyone who can adopt this special female canine friend. Her bro went to a LA firefighter, and we can all stay in touch and get 2gether for playtime, so don't let it be an excuse if you feel you might not know where to walk her or how to socialize, we are here to help, we just want a loving home for this sweetheart. She will need to live inside, not outside in the doghouse, for she will be on the large side of the breed, and she seems to be a jumper and athlete, very strong, not for the weak or novice. Shots are current, will try and get a more recent photo- she resembles a striped tiger, she has grown since this photo, very muscular & lean