Saturday, November 20, 2010

  A 9-year-old Spins a Fish Tale at a Seven Golden Secrets to Writing Class

Dear Readers: I will be posting stories by young writers in the Seven Golden Secrets to Writing class given at the Corner Store every Wednesday. If you are interested in having your child, age 6 to 12, enrolled, please email me at:

Students are encouraged to learn to love writing and work on pieces during each session. If you have children of older ages that need help in this craft, please contact me as well.  Diana
Mr. Harbor Seal, the Crown and the Goldfish
By Kealan, 9
    Once there was a harbor seal and she was looking for a golden seashell.
    But before I go into that, even though she’s called Mr. Harbor Seal, she’s actually a girl. So let’s go back to the story.
   Mr. Harbor Seal was looking about everywhere for a golden, Pacific seashell.  She looked under a rock, in the tide-pools and even in the chilling, blue ocean. But she didn’t find one.
  Then one day, she saw something gold. It was so beautiful that she thought it was the shell. So she ran, or should I say flopped, over there. She spotted a crown, but it was no ordinary crown. It was a golden princesses' crown. Mr. Harbor Seal went to show her friend, Goldy.
Goldy was an expert on gold stuff. So he said: “This is a golden crown! Let’s share the crown,” Goldy said.
“Sure,” said Mr. Harbor Seal. So they ended up rich and best friends forever. That’s the happy story.