Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Two Letters Regarding the Last Underdogforkids Blog Post on the 36th Congressional Race

Two Letters:


I read all of your articles and usually find most of them entertaining and interesting.  Although I agree Janice falls short in many areas as too many career politicians do; would it be in our best interest to elect an ultraconservative, tea party candidate?  Huey is against a women's right to chose, would slash services to those most in need under his "spend less" campaign, and is as right wing as they come.  Worse than not supporting either candidate is using your blog to broadcast you are not even going to vote at all!  Listen, you are a smart and passionate person on so many issues; but on this one, you are in left field!
I agree that Janice has fallen short in serving her District in certain areas (things like parking prices in downtown San Pedro and funding for a number of programs jump to mind), but she is the lesser of two evils.  She will win and Huey could have taken the $1 million plus he will end up spending and doing a lot better things with it.  Curious why he hasn't returned your request for an interview.  Any reason you think?  You do know that Huey won by a grassroots, Christian campaign base with its own political agenda that has one of the highest voter turnout known to man.  It also helped that it rained that day.  While I respect his right to own his personal beliefs; this is not the type of candidate that will best represent and fight for programs needed in the diverse makeup of our District in Congress.

For all her faults, Janice was smart to get Winograd & Bowen running against one another to split those votes.  She may not do a lot. but at least she shows political savvy at times.  Hopefully that will be put in play in Washington although term limits really hurt us out there.

I feel it is always better to vote and exercise that right than not vote at all.  However, if you personally make that choice, I think it is best kept a private one than essentially telling hundreds of readers via your blog; "don't even bother voting".

Just my thoughts.

Shawn Talbott (Torrance)

I like what you say and how you say it , I am from the valley and I am
fed up with our politicians. They cannot fool me. My councilman is Richard Alarcon , 
and they deal in excuses, not fixing the problems Keep up the good work.

Joe Pinoy Lozano, (Mission Hills, San Fernando Valley)


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