Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ava Pfannerer, 10, pens out another amusing story

Dear Readers: When Ava came to the Seven Golden Secrets writing class, she barely wrote a paragraph. Now she writes all sorts of tales each with a beginning, middle and end. Catch this fishy one. Seven Golden Secrets to Writing is taught every Wednesday at the Corner Store. For more information, email --- Diana

Scotty, the Unbelievably Dumb Fish
By Ava Pfannerer, 10

One day in the deep blue sea, there was an unbelievably dumb goldfish. Well, he actually doesn’t live in the sea. He actually lives in a goldfish bowl in Miranda Tombstone’s house. He was so dumb, he thought the bowl was the sea. Now, I will tell you the story of how Scotty got adopted.

One day, Scotty was swimming in a school of fish. Scotty then spotted a school of trout captured in a net.

“Hey ya’ trout. What cha’ doing in that net?”

“We’re going to be put in Pet Earth’s Place of Pets you unbelievably dumb fish!” a trout spouted out.

“I wanna’ come!” Scotty said swimming through  the net to hitch a ride.  Scotty was very small.

“We’re getting lifted,” exclaimed Scotty. “This is fun!”

A half hour later, they were at Pet Earth.

“This container is so small,” exclaimed Scotty with surprise at his new home.

Meanwhile, Miranda Tombstone was going to Pet Earth to buy a dog. They were just  going to pass the fish section when she accidentally knocked over Scotty’s container.

Miranda quickly scooped up the fish!

“If you drop it, you buy it,” said a worker lady.

“I am very disappointed in you,” scolded Miranda’s mom.

As Scotty swung back in forth in a plastic bag Miranda held tightly, she got into her mom’s car.

“I don’t like the car!” shouted Scotty.

When they got home, they put him in the glass bowl. To this day, Scotty still complains about going to the bathroom in the same place he sleeps.

And that was the story of Scotty, the unbelievably dumb fish.”

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