Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello Mariners and San Pedro Residents: It's Coach Smith With More news on Dana Basketball
"Dana Basketball continues to move Victorious"
Dana Girls play week 2 against
Stephen White & Carnegie Middle School
Unfortunately we lost to Stephen White
But won against Carnegie
Awesome teamwork Dana Girls Record 1-3
Dana Boys play week 2 against
Carnegie & Rival Dodson
Carnegie was defeated by Dana in a very close game standing room only
Dodson was also defeated by Dana with special visits from San Pedro High School Coach John Bobich
Dana Boys Record 3-1 and tied for first place
Next Saturday
The Girls Play
Rival Dodson at 9:30am at Banning High
Curtis at 10:30am at Banning High
The Boys Play
Wilmington at 1pm at Banning High
White B&G Team at 2pm at Banning
Special Thanks to the awesome Coaching Staff of
Dana Basketball: Coach Smith, Coach Geo and Coach Richard
Go Mariners!!!


Anonymous said...

Good Job DANA!

Connie said...

Honest, fair, comments about POLA High! Thanks for being a real parent who is always doing the best for your son.

Connie said...

Comments on POLA High were honest & fair. Good job on being a real parent!