Friday, November 07, 2008


Dear Readers: This letter was written by San Pedro resident, Derrick Kelly, now a UC Santa Barbara student. He worked for the Obama campaign for three weeks in Philadelphia

To All that Stand for the Progress of This Country:

It's true. When you woke up this November 5th morning, and looked at the headlines, flipped on your TV, or talked to your friends and coworkers, you saw that it wasn't just a dream. If there was any dream that occurred as Barack Obama was elected the first Black President of the U.S., it was that which Dr. King described 45 years ago. Congratulations to every one of us. Who thought we'd see this day? I myself am only 23 and even I didn't expect this. Not only is this a day to be heralded by Blacks around the world, but it is also a day for the progress of all Americans.

Two years into this. Two months until a new era begins. Two terms is the goal. Embrace and cherish these times infinitely, but be wary of those who will try to snatch away our integrity. Yesterday indicated that the vast majority of Americans who care wanted change in several ways. Let's come together. Let's stand up now before they can take away one of the greatest opportunities this nation has ever had.

Let's not ask "Is this nation ready for a Black President?" but rather, "Are we ready to unite as a whole?" Pray for those deviated from the path of equality, and for the strength of those promoting it. Yesterday was a gigantic step towards unity. Today begins a series of much more formidable tests. So again, let's place our signatures in the cement this day. Because if we don't, we, nor our children, may never see another day like this again. -- Derrick Kelley


Russell Jeans said...

Sorry to hit so hard, but now that your candidate won, it is now convenient to urge everyone to unite as a whole where before so many found it so facile to be divisive.

Before you get so carried away with the moment that finds the Republican Party and the free market mechanism as the home for greed and elitism, I suggest finding the time to read Jerry Muller's The Mind and The Market. It is a robust read of the various social and economic concepts that give meaning to the principles that drive a society.

Another powerful book is al Muqqadimah, written by Ibn Khaldun in 1377. You can find out more about Ibn Khaldun in Wikipedia. I have a copy of a translated 1958 edition. There are still a few copies for sale here and there. If you wish to read the full section on taxation from the book, I will email it to you. My email is

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree. I think Mr. Kelly hit the nail on the head and reflects his/our desire to go from the failures of the last 8 years to a new beginning where all Americans can, once again, be proud of our leadership.

Great Job, Derrick

neal kleiner

theunderdogforkids said...

November 4, 2008 was indeed a great victory. It means not only a triumph over racism but a notice to all the people of America, poor, middle and rich, that we must not go back to the careless, selfish days of TV infotainment and business as usual. As it was up to us to elect Barack Obama, it is now up to us -- community organizers all! -- to work with him for the changes needed to make this a truly great country with liberty and justice for all. A tall order, but together, yes, we can!

-- from a friend of theunderdogforkids in Los Osos, Ca.