Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Please Visit A Garage Sale This Saturday to Help a Family Whose Baby Girl Has Been Diagnosed with Leukemia

A gigantic garage sale -- with donors encouraged to bring along even more items for sale -- will be held Saturday in hopes of raising enough funds for a local family to run a bone marrow drive to save their nearly 2-year-old daughter.

The event will be held at 1324 W. 26th Place in San Pedro starting at 6 a.m. by the friends of the Litton family. Friends and neighbors have amassed collectively to help fight leukemia and to save Jillian Luna, whose currently staying at Millers Childrens Hospital in Long Beach.

She was diagnosed with the illness in October 2007.

"We're inviting everyone we know (and hoping you will too) to our fundraising garage and bake sale for the Litton family on Saturday, December 1st," e-mailed the family hosting the event. "For those of you who may not know the Litton family personally, their daughter was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. She is currently going through her second round of chemotherapy.
"We are fundraising to help support the cost of running the bone marrow drives that have been set up (Torrance,December 14th and San Pedro, January 5th). We would love any and all the help we can get...We'll need help with everything from baking goodies, to setting up, to selling, to cleaning up. If you have things to donate, please call us or email us and we'll arrange how to get it to our house. The more the better. I'm so impressed by the way our community has come together for the Litton family, please help make this a success!"

For further information, please call 310 519 0163 and 310 702 6157.

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Teresa said...

Thank you for featuring the story on Jillian, I always feel like this could never happen to my family. we are healthy, so we are safe! I have a daughter jillians age and it just really hit home after seeing the picture of the young family and they look just like my young family! That could have just as easily been my daughter! Thank you for shining a light on this, I plan to donate blood and get swabbed for a bone marrow match. If not Jillian I hope to help someone else. I look forward to the article in the future that tells me they have a match and Jillian is back home with her family!